Dental Emergencies in Redland, CA

A dental emergency can strike anytime. Decay can go unnoticed if regular visits to the dentist are not kept and injuries to the teeth are rarely foreseen. Dr. Conrad Lucero accepts emergency dental patients from Redlands and nearby communities and can in most cases, complete treatment without the need for a specialist to restore your smile.

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The following are common causes of dental emergencies:

Injury to the Mouth
Gum Disease
Broken Restorations

Treatment for your emergency will depend on the cause. It’s important to call us immediately after an injury or as soon as possible when severe dental discomfort is experienced.

Tips for Dealing with Dental Emergencies before Arriving at our Redlands Dental Office


If you have pain around a tooth, the most likely cause is decay that has reached the nerves inside the pulp. Over the counter analgesics and heat can help the discomfort until you reach our practice.

You can expect a comprehensive exam including diagnostic imaging and at minimum, a filling will be required. In many cases, root canal therapy is necessary to save the tooth. In this case, a crown will also be placed to protect the treated tooth while restoring function and aesthetics to your smile. 

Injury to the Mouth

It a tooth has been broken or dislodged, it’s vital to have treatment right away. There is a small window of time that a dislodged tooth can be treated with any hope of replantation. A tooth that has been pushed deep into the gum tissue has a similar prognosis and needs immediate attention.
A broken tooth may require root canal treatment before receiving a crown or, if the damage is severe, it may have to be extracted. 

Gum Disease/Bleeding Gums

Periodontitis is a progressive condition that starts with gingivitis. If you see blood when you brush your teeth, it’s important to make an appointment with our office as soon as you can to assess your gums and prevent advancement and potential tooth loss. Bleeding with brushing may be alarming but it is not a true dental emergency. However prompt attention is called for.

Broken Restorations

A broken restoration is an emergency and requires prompt attention but can typically be handled during regular business hours. Dr. Lucero examines your crown or bridge and recommends the appropriate course of action. In most cases, a new restoration will be produced by obtaining a new impression and having our trusted lab craft a natural, well-functioning crown or bride.

Dr. Lucero also repairs and replaces damaged or lost dentures.

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